Hey guys and gals! My name is Erin Wallace, an English Mathematician living in the sunny city of Brighton, and I am now writing this blog for all you lovely people out there on the internet. The name of my blog comes from my favorite field of maths which is geometry and I’ve always had an interest in triangles, I remember at school that the Pythagoras theorem was one of my favorite things to do and I probably should have given you a geek alert signal I’m afraid you’re now stuck with me!

However, don’t be afraid my blog is not going to be about the geeky stuff I do in my day job but instead, it’s focused on my hobbies and passions. I will be writing about garden designs, budgeting, health, workouts, and parenting kids, which I hope gives you enough variety to provide you with something interesting to read.

A bit more about me is that I live with my husband and our two kids, one 16 and the other much younger at 9, so I have a large variety of teen and younger child advice that should help all you mum and dads out there to navigate your family life much better. I love my kids and it’s great to see them growing up in a beautiful city like Brighton where you can go walk by the beach, visit amazing shops, and have a great group of friends close by, also it’s a short trip to London to catch some shows or do other fun activities. I moved to Brighton whilst I was studying at University and that’s where I met my husband, we have lived here ever since because of how many great memories we made there.

During the week I run with my running team and tend to do some workouts so I can rest up on the weekends, I have learned so much advice about working out from friends who are obsessed with the gym so I would love to share these tips and tricks with you so that you can also start to feel amazing about yourself. I myself suffer from anxiety so I like to try to keep on top of my exercise and health so that I don’t go downhill and can prevent panic attacks from getting in the way of my daily routine. I have had some real rough patches with my anxiety and days where I thought it would never end but it did and I have been working on myself since to try and calm my emotions and think more clearly about things instead of winding myself up, but it is so hard! I am a work in progress but I am not going to let anything stop me from gaining happiness. So if you also suffer from mental health problems I hope that you find some help within my blog about how you can cope better from day to day, of course, we are all unique, and contacting a health professional is always important but if it helps you make that turn towards the right track then that would be amazing!

I wish you all the best and I hope you enjoy it!

Erin Wallace